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posted on 04 Mar 2009 16:28 by nenoto

only yesung & heechul

[sorry 4 siwon fan's]


"Don't take a photos"

That is the worst word form staff and make me cry TTxTT


yesung~shi  so cute!!

i never think he will very cute so much like this

i have been to think  he has big cheek

but not at all


why his face is to smallest

why he very very very very handsome

Is this really kim yong woon!!??


the first day

we are at "touchsanee" beach

i & panda too late

cause we're complane together

so stupid & idiot T^T

i looking for yesung~shi

but not have him around there

 finall yesung~shi come out


die a lot

i shout out his name to mouch loud

but he not freshy  look like boring


for a moment heenim come out

he distribute 12+ powder

he nearly me

but i feel like he not heenim



the first day i see siwon most near! ^ ^


at afternoon i want play firework at dusit's beach

but opposite directions T______T

yesung~shi go to dinner at "chomtalae"


the second day

i wear pink cap & pink shirt

it's panda's clothes

nice! i feel myself prominent

i & panda come to "touchsanee" beach at the same time with yesung~shi

today i feel look like yesung & heehim very funny

he play with fc.

yesung~shi so pretty so cute so cool so handsome


i can't write by english

heenim dance nobody, girl generetion

and play take a photo on the beach


pretty boy, beautiful sea in summer

it's my best memory


i love you yesung~shi






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